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My name’s Joel Chambers. This is my personal website. If you don’t like it, feel free to comment on any of the pages or posts. I may care, I may not. You’ll just have to find out.

I will post random stuff here occasionally. You probably won’t agree with all of it. You may not even agree with most of it. That’s cool. Feel free to ignore all of my posts. You won’t hurt my feelings. Honest.

If you have a burning need to tell me something, just post on this main page – I promise I’ll get it. If it looks like I haven’t, then I’m either too busy or I’ve ignored what you told me. Don’t take it personally; I’m just busy and don’t have enough free time to do everything I want to. I’m sure you’ll survive it.

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  1. Bruce and Annette Easingwood

    It will be our pleasure to attend your and Sarah s wedding on Aug.24. It will also be our pleasure as time goes on to watch you be a father to your many children and count on the fact that we will tell them stories about your childhood. Congradulations once again and may you both have many years of happy wedded bliss. Bruce and Annette.


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