Feature List

  • anon-auth (capit-mini style)
    • with manual auth once expired (maybe)
  • auto-auth (auto-login by IP/MAC/etc)
  • manual auth (Antamedia style)
  • whitelist client IP/MAC (maybe)
  • whitelist IP/port/website in captive portal
  • NAT pinholes (port forwards)
  • DHCP server (eventually)
    • with options
    • or forwarding
  • API for user/plan updates
  • payment gateway integration
    • possibly with up-to-max
  • refill codes (top up ticket)
  • SNMP MIB (maybe)
  • web content filtering
    • probably use shallalist or similar
  • QoS by traffic type (eg. HTTP(/S), ftp, mail, torrents, etc)
    • probably use bits 16-23 or 24-27 of fwmark to ID type
  • multi-WAN loadbalancing and/or failover
  • transparent operation (bridge-type w/ TPROXY probably)
  • example aaa modules
    • allow X bytes until midnight local, then reset
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